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Dei is a Singapore-based one-stop online shopping portal hosting over 10,000 products fulfilling the daily needs of the grocery among the Asian community in Singapore. Dei focusses on sourcing speciality products for the local community. Unparalleled customer service and ease of shopping are the major highlights of the brand. We were to design a visual language that’s intuitive and seamless across print and digital media. The client wanted a bold presence with a friendly neighbourhood feel.


DEI wanted us to create a visual language with a striking presence. Building a successful brand in the e-commerce space is always a challenge as the competition is high. We had to redesign each and every touch point of brand interaction into a new and engaging experience to ensure business and brand presence.

  • Consult

    Brand Strategy Brand Positioning

  • Create

    Brand Positioning Visual Guideline

  • Campaign

    Brand Awareness Digital & Outdoor Presence

The Challenge

The challenge was to formulate a unique identity that is powerful to penetrate into a highly competitive market having many identical ventures. The design should have be unique and promising. Brand recall and reliability should be brought in intelligently so that it would invite customer curiosity. We knew that only simple approach will work.

The Result

High Recall

The brand achieved good recall with its unified visual language

Dominant Presence

The vibrant treatment ensured the brand presence across all platforms

Excellent Interaction

The DEI mascot created immese scope of interaction at every point of purchase

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