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Seabery Augmented Technology is a global Tech company pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) edtech solutions applied to skills training. It is a leading player in the market of Augmented Reality training solutions having a worldwide network of partners within industrial, institutional and educational sectors. Adapting to new trends and innovations in technology, Seabery grows faster and wider in the education arena.


The major task was to create a globally appealing visual content with respect to quality and quantity of information, aggregating the activities of their centers spread across different regions. The information on these activities were to be collaborated into a single video, which would be treated as the master info profile of the institute.

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The Challenge

Getting through the different study centers in different regions and bringing the contents to a common platform was one of the challenges we faced. Since Augment Reality is a technologically advanced tool, the visual content should also have to stand at par with it, giving the viewer a flavor of it. It required a highly advanced making process.

The Result

Wider reach


Excellence in performance




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